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Emax Electrics – Light Lithium Battery Solutions

About US

We specialise in the following:

Emax Electrics is primarily a product development and distribution company. We are active consultants in several major projects making light electric transport more reliable, affordable, avaliable and user friendly. We offer at a wholesale level Lekkie conversion systems, sold through dealers around Australia. Parts and accessories for Lekkie can also be purchased through the Lekkie website. Our scope has changed over the last 12 months and we now have a wider focus around 'electric transport' and 'light lithium battery solutions'.

  • Design and Development

    Let us design your custom lithium battery project

  • Wholesale and supply

    We are responisble for the wholesale and supply of electric bike components through via sub-brand Lekkie Australia

  • Consulting

    We are active consutants in the industy providing design, prototyping and sourcing services to some of the biggest names in lightweight lithium batteries and electric bicycles

  • Ecommerce

    We sell a small number of components and parts through the Emax Electrics online and Ebay stores


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Our Partners

We are happy to work closely with the following corporate partners: